• Zulfa-chan

    Um.. first of all, forgive me because my English is rather bad (because I'm still learning) '-' (thanks google translate :3)

    The anime higurashi no naku koro ni PV has been released! (yeay! :3) I saw in the article, it turns out that what will make the new Higurashi anime project will be made by the animation studio Passione. And ... after I looked for info about this studio. This studio is indeed a new studio. They apparently had made Highschool DxD hero anime, Joshikousei no mudazukai, citrus and many more (and after I saw it, I was quite doubtful whether this animation studio could make good action scenes, horror and gore? Therefore I didn't expect too much from the animation studio Hopefully they can make this anime well :3. Okay becaus…

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  • Sparkadillia

    Hi this is my first blog post in three years, I'm back to make a bunch of promises and follow through on maybe… like… two

    it may look like I'm chugging away on updating article templates like I know what I'm doing, but do I? ABSOLUTELY NOT. Don't ever make the mistake of thinking I have a plan. I've never had a plan. I've run this wiki for seven years and not ONCE have I ever thought ahead. Not ONCE.


    I would like to START making plans, and I am going to BEGIN with this: we have an option of updating all the infoboxes on this horrible wiki to a new style which looks like this (points it big boss) and are supported better by the mobile website. We, though, do not have a pretty theme like the Metal Gear wiki does, so right now the new in…

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  • Satoshi05

    Hey guyz where can i read matsuribayashi-hen? Volume 1-8 plz because in mangafox it is only up to chapter 14 where's chapter 15? is it not translated to english yet? need to read it tnx in advance

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  • Necromancer33


    March 17, 2015 by Necromancer33

    I'm just curious to see if anyone else here has created a fanfiction of the series. I have, and I'm actually doing very well with it. If anyone would like to discuss anything about the story or the fandom, just tell me. Give me a break, I've never done this before.

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  • PepeLePewTheOmnipotent

    Kill Counts

    December 7, 2014 by PepeLePewTheOmnipotent

    It used to be on every character's profile.

    Why did it get removed?

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  • TamayoMeri

    Yeah, yeah. I know. Nobody wants to hear about Mangagamer or their sprites anymore. We're all mad or mad at mad people or just tired of hearing about it. 

    Doesn't change that this is a wiki for Higurashi and that we are obligated to post ripped sprites (when the sprite sets come out, that is) for the sake of information on the sprites.

    One thing I'd like to make clear is that these sprites are drawn by a hentai artist, feature heavy anatomical problems (much like the originals...) and that regardless of how much we like them or hate them, we have to have them up when the Mangagamer Steam release comes up. Because these sprites are so different from the other two sets in style, it's worth noting the artists and linking to a wikipedia/other doc…

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  • Ant'lyndaer Barri'ana


    September 26, 2014 by Ant'lyndaer Barri'ana

    Who here does origami?

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  • Reinforced Cookies


    August 29, 2014 by Reinforced Cookies

    Why Am I Here? You Must Be Wondering...

    Higurashi Is Amazing...

    Don't Forget That...

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  • HopelessNightOwl

    She's only slightly more useful than Jar Jar Binks.  I would not want to have her at my back in any real life situation, either as a god or a human.  More than half the time Rika ends up having to comfort her and help her pull through even though she is the human with her very existence being threatened while Hanyu is supposed to be the diety in control of things.  No wonder Rika always acts so cross at her.  And then at toward the end it turns out that Rena and Satako and others encating "I'm sorry" was just an iteration of her doing it because there was nothing else she could do.  Seriously, what the fuck kind of godess are you if that's all you can do and in order to do something substantial you have to incarnate yourself in human form.…

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  • SlowDeer

    This might be weird, but did Rika call for Hanyu in that arc? If you don't believe me look at this:

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  • SlowDeer

    Mine would be Shion and Rena,because i like insane characters.

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  • SlowDeer


    December 7, 2013 by SlowDeer

    I love karakuridouji Ultimo!!! I love everything about,mostly I would hate sci-fi manga. But this manga changed my point of view of sci-fi manga!!!!SlowDeer

    I love anime, if you want to see some wiki of my favorites:

    My favorite mash up of songs would be Nico Nic Douga a wiki, but its have chibi figures)

    • "I, Lelouch vi Britannia, command you! Now, all of you...Die!"
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  • Awyman13

    Anyone know where to find Season 2 (Kai) of Higurashi in English Dub? I watch all of season 1 in dub but i cannot for the life of me find Season 2. -- 02:51, October 14, 2013 (UTC)

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  • TheKnightOfOyashiro

    Well, exactly what the title says. After about a year or two, Higurashi has finally been greenlit for release via steam. I'd bet we can expect a release within the next month or two, and probably for the same price as the one on (about USD$15)

    The Higurashi greenlight page on Steam.

    This might segue into Kai also being released over steam (as Mangagamer does have the license for that as well), but only time/sales will tell.

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  • Sparkadillia

    I know we've always said it "LET'S WORK ON THE MUSIC SECTION OF DA WIKI" but man we never do

    with Outbreak having been announced we're gonna get a lot more traffic and I would like us to be able to be, you know, useful.

    THUS while I am throwing together an Outbreak article it would be cool if you dudes attended to the music


    We are missing these albums

    • Higurashi Kai OST
    • Higurashi Daybreak OST
    • Takano Miyo Prelude
    • Nipa Nipa Ondo
    • You & History (yeah I count this we need it)
    • Colors (this too)

    We have songs for these albums but no album page

    • Higurashi no Naku Koro ni (original OP)
    • Why or why not
    • Naraku no Hana
    • Taishou a
    • Manazashi
    • Nageki no Mori
    • Escape
    • Chikai
    • Unmei no Wa
    • Happy Lucky Dochy
    • Every character CD

    We are missing these songs

    • You (original)
    • Omoi (…
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  • Oneextrafootstep

    We have done a lot of good things for this Wikia in the past few days, so cheers everyone. However, this wikia is (like many) is nowhere near perfect.

    • We still have to do many things, because we're lacking a lot of information from the Higurashi Media.
    • We have loads of hidden pages that are easily forgotten.
    • Some pages STILL spell the character names in ways other than using the Hepburn Romanization way.
    • Many Character pages really NEEDS to be expanded. Some character pages lack Information, Personality, Images, Appearances Description. Some of the work on these pages doesn't do the characters any justice.
    • Plot Summaries are also lacking. This includes Sound Novels, Anime episodes, some manga arcs, Matsuri arcs, and the live action movies. Yes even the live ac…
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  • DirkingtonStrider

    Are you guys going to add in the other outfits like young Rika, Towel Satoko, and Angel mort Shion. I also think it would be a good idea if you guys put the Ryukishi sprites in there as Original.

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  • Sparkadillia

    Hi everyone, I'm back again, and while I'm managing to stay back I would like to address something I think is very important: the placement, and amount, of images on articles.

    You've probably long heard me harping on you to "put your images in the gallery, that's what it's there for", but many of you probably don't understand why I keep going on about this or why I find it so important. My reasons are but two in number and quite simple.

    1. Space concerns
      Thanks to our ~ ~ ~glorious sidebar~ ~ ~ that makes me want to kill myself every time I have to look at it, articles are strictly 670px across, no exceptions. That might not sound so bad, but when you take into account that the infoboxes we use are 270px across, that leaves us with a measly 400px to …

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  • TamayoMeri

    I've been neglecting my duties.

    We need to come to a consensus on what to do with the 'kills/deaths' issue in the character template.

    Overall, I would say that it definitely needs to go. It's just way too vague.

    Hmmm... I should probably look into what else we need to change....

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  • Oneextrafootstep

    This blog is just an area where I'd like to discuss about ANY unwanted information or whatever (Name mispronouciations, images, pages, etc.) on this wiki. Everyone is welcome to report anything. Oneextrafootstep (talk) 19:38, July 28, 2012 (UTC)

    Just to get things started, here are some examples of things that I think shouldn't be accepted. The majority of this is just basics:

    • Speculation: This means formulating possible answers to the many mysterys of the over all Higurashi series. I use to think that this was very appropriate to include, and that they are also unmentioned spoilers. But this isn't true. This wiki only needs (important and undeniable) facts. If we filled every page with all kinds of possible answers, we would only be misleadi…
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  • Oneextrafootstep

    Would it be correct to say that this nurse is a Yamainu agent? She appears in Yakusamashi-hen.

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  • Oneextrafootstep

    Did Akane die in this arc? I thought she was only wounded. But i guess she must have if "Mion" was going to be head of the family. Also did this arc ever reveal that GHD was the cause of Oryou's death? I thought it was only hinted.

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  • TamayoMeri

    Instead of writing what number of times the character had died (which really makes no fucking sense considering how these scenarios repeat all the time so each character likely has 'died' more times than the series lets on) we should instead list the scenarios in which the character has died.

    Obviously for Tomitake and Rika it's "all scenarios except for Matsuribayashi-hen, Miotsukushi-hen, etc." the ones in which they explicitly survive. But for other characters it would need to be listed differently.

    As for their "Kills" count... I'm thinking actually of making sections for characters based on their crime count. For Keiichi this would mean the BB gun incidents as well as scenarios like Onikakushi-hen and Tatarigoroshi-hen, and for Satoko t…

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  • Oneextrafootstep

    I've been looking at some pages and I noticed that there is some confusion about typing Tomitake's name. Is it "Jirō" or is it "Jirou"? I want to clear this up asap.

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  • Oneextrafootstep

    How come this is the only scenario where Takano Miyo disappears instead of having a fake burnt corpes in Gifu? I don't think Takano hit some big snag where GHD couldn't happen, because Rika had to die somehow right?

    One more thing, the Yamainu tried to run over Keiichi with their van. That means they knew he had the Hinamizawa Syndrome. How did they find out?

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  • Oneextrafootstep

    I was looking at the German higurashi wiki, ad I saw this neat template on Rena's page. It has two buttons on the top. One say "Anime", and the other says "Manga". Check it out right here. If you click the manga button, the anime picture changes to a manga image.If you clink the anime button, the manga picture changes back to a anime image. What if we could do something similar? Now picture Satoko's profile picture on our wiki: What if we had the same kind of template, and there was two buttons. One's title was "School" and the other one said "Casual". When you hit the "Casual" button, you get this:So what do you think? Good idea? Bad idea? Oneextrafootstep 04:25, July 15, 2012 (UTC)

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  • Oneextrafootstep

    Was the Hinamizawa Dam Project called off because of the kidnapping of Inugai Toshiki in 1978? Or was it due to the death of the construction manager in 1979?

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  • Oneextrafootstep

    Basically I was reading Satoko's character page, and I read When the Watanagashi Festival came around, Tamae was killed and a drunk bum was charged for her murder, though many believe Satoshi had killed her to protect his sister.

    and on Satoshi's character page:

    While it is suggested that he may have witnessed his aunt's death in the games, in the anime, Satoshi is said to have killed her or was under so much stress that he believed he had. However, in Matsuribayashi-hen it was revealed that the "drug addict" who supossedly killed his aunt was only a scapegoat made by the Yamainu by Irie's request to cover up Satoshi's disapperance.

    And a long time ago, Satoshi's kill count was "1 (probably)".

    I'm pretty sure he was the one you killed the aunt,…

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  • TamayoMeri

    I like how even though I've been editing every single day for some reason the counter reset to 1/30 for 'Devoted'

    Like seriously

    I didn't even miss a day

    Yet it resets

    Who made this gosh darned thing I demand a refund

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  • TamayoMeri

    Another thing...

    July 5, 2012 by TamayoMeri

    I'm a little weary of the idea of organizing the TIPS in accordance to the anime episodes as well.

    Looking at the TIPS from Minagoroshi-hen, quite a few of them don't exactly correspond to any episode... Actually, when you think about it, there's no specific episode that a lot of them correspond to. Take Satoko's Trap Lectures for example. There's no time that they really exist within the anime because in Tatarigoroshi-hen, there's maybe like 3 days of school before Satoko gets into trouble with her uncle.

    That being said, I suggest that we reorganize the articles by arc. The TIPS are usually only covered by the sound novel only, so honestly I think organizing them by anime is a bit ridiculous. Also, consistency and stuff. Once the summarie…

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  • TamayoMeri

    You know what?

    Organizing them by anime episode titles isn't going to work. Nobody has written a single summary based off of the episodes and frankly, it's a waste of time because it leaves out vital details that the plot summary would need.

    I suggest that we remove those subheadings for the episodes and just begin summarizing based off of the novel. It would be done quicker because then we wouldn't have to go through the episodes and summarize through there.

    Please let me know what you think.

    If nobody posts what they think I will probably do it anyways because it's been years and the fact that we haven't had summaries for these articles for years is fucking ridiculous.

    This time I am legitimately pissed. We need to do something about this.


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  • TamayoMeri

    Given the implications in EP6, saying that Hanyuu was intentionally not helping Rika because of her cruelness, should we include that or not?

    It's still just an implication. It's not entirely confirmed - relations between Bernkastel and Featherine are very strained in EP6~8, and it's obvious that Bern hates Featherine- but can that really be brought back to Higurashi? Can we really confirm that Hanyuu is as cruel as her intentionally neglectful actions in Higurashi make us think?

    TamayoMeri 13:18, July 2, 2012 (UTC)

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  • TamayoMeri


    July 1, 2012 by TamayoMeri










    15:51, July 1, 2012 (UTC)15:51, July 1, 2012 (UTC)15:51, July 1, 2012 (UTC)15:51, July 1, 2012 (UTC)TamayoMe…

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  • Ech0 0f Đeath

    Okay, so here's the question: Should we make a page about the new manga series, the Hinamizawa Bus Stop? If yes, then what about the characters? Should we make different pages for each character like for "Sonozaki Mion" from Yoigoshi-hen? I'm waiting for the ideas.

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  • Sparkadillia

    what is wiki lol

    Hi everyone! Your fearless leader here, back after an unannounced, homework-induced hiatus. C: I apologize for abandoning my responsibilities here, but I just couldn't crawl out of my work coma. :c I'll be trying to do a better job of checking in from now on, though, so no worries. ^^

    Does it matter if I'm back, honestly? Not really… except that while I was away, I did some thinking about some of the functions of the wiki, and have made a few decisions. Important changes are listed below and are all open for discussion (expect for the third one.

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  • Luigi992

    My top 5 favorite chracters in Higurashi No Naku Hoko Ni (When They Cry)

    5. Rika





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  • TamayoMeri

    this is a pretty random blog post but

    I just have this picture and I can't handle /not/ posting it here


    Also not to mention having an air conditioned car was a pretty big deal back then because they didn't start having air conditioning included in most cars until like... maybe the later 80s in Japan (hell if I know I can barely pinpoint the years that the psychosurgical department really took a hit).


    mr. delicious seems really fond of his air conditioning (it's said that Hinamizawa is really hot during the summer... HAHA MAKES THOSE PUNISHMENT GAMES EVEN MORE PUNISHING HUH)

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  • Sparkadillia

    Well this is a dusty feature.

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  • TamayoMeri

    I don't know if anyone takes a look at (or even cares about those) facebook roleplay groups, but there's one for Higurashi that's called something like "Rorupurei-hen" ... roleplay chapter. such witty wording there, yep. Not like any person who isn't familiar with japanese phonetics would get it, though.

    Being the obnoxious and clearly obsessed Irie fan that I am, I decided to check out their Irie roleplayer.

    If you are on the wiki, I am ashamed of you. Not only for your poor grasp of grammar and spelling, but because of the fact that you took up Irie without even knowing who he was. Because you did not make a single effort to understand just WHO that character was, besides a maid pedo doctor who takes care of old people. I am very, very ash…

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  • Ixadia

    I Suck at Page-Creating

    June 25, 2011 by Ixadia

    Yep. I'll this here and now. I suck at making pages. Grammer and spelling fixes is one thing, but then creating a page is another.

    I swear the page-creator-thingy hates me. D: I use a heading, and then when I try to use the same heading again for another section, it comes out puny like in the normal format. D:

    Like the 2nd heading, for example. The first time it comes out big like it's supposed to, but then after that it shows as normal text with a bar under it. |l|OTL And then the equal sign method sometimes hates me. It just shows up as equal signs without the words, and then the equals disappear in that typey part section...Hurr...O3O;

    As you can see by my use of words I also suck at English. D:

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  • AkaDragon


    December 24, 2010 by AkaDragon

    (.3.) (.3.)

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  • Wh!te$tar

    Are you guys moving?

    October 11, 2010 by Wh!te$tar

    Alot of people are upset over the new Wiki skin. Are you guys moving too? Here's why we at Sonic Fanon are moving: Here's what the new skin will look like.View photo detailsHere's what the new skin will look like.Added by Wh!te$tar#Smaller article space. About half as much as current articles.

    1. Confusing setup.
    2. Removal of the Shoutbox.
    3. Health problems due to a sidebar on the right of the page.
    4. Smaller article space. About half as much as current articles.
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  • Sparkadillia

    On to the Future!

    March 28, 2010 by Sparkadillia

    Well, I haven't updated my blog in awhile. :3

    First off, I would like to thank everyone who has helped with the front page redesign. It's much nicer than before, even if there are a few more things to work out before it's perfect. Mostly it's just things like the color scheme and links and what not, so that won't be too hard.

    After all that is finished, I want to work on music, like Milk-kun was doing before. Specifically I'd like to make articles about the artists, since they're an important part of the music experience. Or something. I don't know.

    Most of the things I wrote in my first blog still stand, so for more information, check that.

    Keep up the good work everyone~!

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  • Sparkadillia

    Aesthetic Changes

    December 17, 2009 by Sparkadillia

    The wiki is not pretty.
    It's not. I mean, look at it. Other wikis put ours to shame. D:
    But not for long! Because I've started the the long process of making our wiki look better, yay~!

    As I've said in the Community Corner-thing, I want to change up the main page, which I will get to, but that'll take awhile, and as I said I'm not entire sure what all to do. Until that time, as you can see, I've picked a different (pre-set) layout for the wiki. This one has red in it, so it's more Higurashi like than blue, no? Of course, if you don't like it you can always have your own setting.
    I'm also thinking about a new logo, since I finally figured out how to change it. What do you think would be better? For now I'll do something very similar to what we …

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  • Sparkadillia

    I was inspired by MilkEater's blog, so I'm going to post what I want to do around here.

    • Categorize allllll the pages, and do the same layout for each type of page. You know... each of the character pages goes into its category, and then we have a picture of them, and a table of information to the side, and each of the little sections on the page is the same thing (like 'Character Summary' and 'Appearance' and such).
    • I want more pictures on the wiki. My goal is to have at least one on every page (even the arc pages and episode pages, meaning screencaps!), and more like three or four on character pages... which I'm big on, if you can't tell. :D
    • We should have a page for each season of the anime... you know what, I'll do that, so don't worry about…
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  • LtheMilkEater

    Being as forgetful as I am, I think it would be helpful for me and others to put a list here of stuff I plan to do on this wikia. Then, people can see and voice their opinions or maybe even decide to do some themselves. Yep, that's my perfect reasoning right there...

    • Create individual pages for albums and songs
    • Rewatch each episode of Higurashi and write individual articles for each one
    • Reread each tankōbon of Higurashi and write an article for the manga
    • Improve the character pages with pictures, etc.
    • Improve categorization of articles
    • Upload more pictures
    • Make the front page look BEAUTIFUL, i.e., not having large columns on there
    • In-wikia pages for people like Ryūkishi07, Chiaki Kon, and Sōichirō Hoshi, as well as things like Studio DEEN
      • By the wa…

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