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Sound Novels

Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni began as a series of sound novels (SNs) for the PC.

Cover of Onikakushi, the first Higurashi sound novel

These sound novels were written and illustrated by Ryukishi07 while his brother, Yatazakura, scripted them into NScripter.

They are called sound novels because, while their art may seem lacking and simple, the wide range of sound effects and music set the atmosphere for the reader. One notable sound effect used throughout the entire series is the chorus of higurashi played at the main menu and throughout many scenes.

The first chapter of the question arcs, Onikakushi-hen, was released at Comiket, August 10, 2002.

The last chapter of Kai, the answer arcs, Matsuribayashi-hen was released at Comiket, August 13, 2006.

Release History

Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni

Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni Kai

The fan disc, Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni Rei, was released on December 31, 2006. This contains three chapters, Saikoroshi-hen, Batsukoishi-hen and Hirukowashi-hen.

All three releases of Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni are still available internationally in online import stores.

English Release

English version of Higurashi When They Cry

Both Higurashi No Na ku Koro Ni and Higurashi No Na ku Koro Ni Kai (Higurashi When They Cry in the English) have been licensed and translated into English by Japanese visual novel licensing company, MangaGamer.

The first, Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni (which contains all four Question Arcs), was released in December 2009. The first Answer Arc, Meakashi-hen, was released February 2010, and all three remaining arcs were released individually throughout the year, with the final arc, Matsuribayashi, released in July. All games are available for download-only.

Because of copyright issues some modifications were made for the release, these include:

- Replacement of BGM in some scenes
- Removal of the Music Room
- Removal of the Mini Game
- Removal of the Staff Room

Other Versions

Higurashi has been ported for both Playstation 2 and Nintendo DS.

Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni Matsuri (PS2)

Released on February 22, 2007. Matsuri was developed by Alchemist and released on Playstation 2 in Japan only.

Cover of Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni Matsuri: Kakera Asobi for PS2

The game features redrawn sprites, backgrounds, CGs, full voice acting, an opening movie and a single branching storyline. The port also features an ADV-style presentation, showing one line at a time, in a small box in the lower section of the screen, while the original used NVL-style, where the text box took up the entire game window and displayed multiple lines.

The port contains all seven original arcs, but does not include the final answer arc, Matsuribayashi. Instead, it features it's own original ending, Miotsukushi-hen.

It also contains two other original arcs, Taraimawashi-hen and Tsukiotoshi-hen.

On December 20, 2007, because of Matsuris success an enhanced append disc was released, titled Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni Matsuri: Kakera Asobi. It was also released as a stand-alone game. This version contains all of Matsuris content, plus Matsuribayashi-hen and bonus content.

Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni Kizuna (DS)

Cover of Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kizuna: Dai Yon Kan, the fourth and final release in the Kizuna series

Four Nintendo DS ports of the series were developed by Alchemist.

These contain all eight story arcs of the series (including Matsuribayashi) plus three original arcs. These are Someutsushi-hen, Kageboshi-hen and Tokihogushi-hen.

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