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  • The old man (Ōishi)
  • The ancestor (Ōishi)
  • Manager/Director
  • First Appearance Himatsubushi-hen
    Portrayed By Satoshi Tsuruoka

    The dam construction manager/foreman is the first dead of The Series of Mysterious Deaths. He was close to Ōishi, and he of thought him as a second father because his real father died in Nagoya during WWII. They became best friends and liked to play Mahjong and drink together along with Satō. In the early 1970s, he took up the job of being manager of the Hinamizawa Dam Project. Before the Dam Conflict fully erupted, he encountered a younger Kimiyoshi Natsumi when he asked for directions. In his gratitude, he bought her a can of juice, which left a profound impression on her after his death; for this kind gesture contrasted with the negative image other villagers were portraying. During the conflict, he was attacked by anti-dam protesters on a daily basis. After the dam project was called off, he and his employees stayed to work (probably because they didn't know the Construction Minister called off the project or to clean up after the construction). On the night of the Watanagashi Festival 1979, he fell victim to the Hinamizawa Syndrome after six construction workers provoked him by cussing and drinking alcohol. Enraged, he picked up a pickaxe and tried to smash their heads. After the workers realized that the manager wasn't his usual self, they each grabbed tools, and killed the old man. To avoid getting caught, the leader of the group made each worker to cut the manager into six pieces: The head, torso, right arm, left arm, right leg, and left leg. Eventually, five of the murders turned themselves in, but the leader and the manager's right arm was never found. His death started Ōishi's suspicion that the village and the Sonozaki Family are somehow connected to his death, and motivated him to avenge the old man by investigating the mysterious deaths.


    The construction manager in Ōishi's flashback

    The construction manager appears in a flashback of Ōishi where's young and wears a singlet. But he also wears a construction suit with a white T-shirt. He's very muscular and has grey short hair.