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Need we warns ye that there be:


This episode lacks a separate prologue. The opening credits occur as the action takes place without the opening theme. Similarly, it ends with the ending credits over the action without the ending theme.

First Half

Keiichi ascends the stairs in the school and notices Chie Rumiko ascending behind him. He asks if they have found the mayor; she replies that they have not nor have they received any news. She tries to assure him that the mayor will be fine and encourages him to return to class.

Shown: Satoko Stares Darkly

In class, Chie announces the start of the afternoon classes when she notices the absence of Rika. Mion shares the surprise of the other students, but Satoko stares darkly at Keiichi and notes that he was just talking to Rika. He stammers that they were just talking, and he has no idea where she went afterwards. Mion thinks for a moment then recalls that she thinks she saw Rika talking to someone behind the school. Satoko asks if that "someone" was someone other than Keiichi. Mion admits that she did not get a good look at the man. When Keiichi insists she describe him, she responds that he looked like a man in a construction uniform. A little less darkly, Satoko insists that no one like that is at their school. The student with glasses gasps to the student next to her that Rika has also disappeared, to Keiichi's consternation, and the cry of the higurashi.

Rena joins the search of the school grounds for Rika. The scene focuses briefly on the trash incinerator as Mion and Keiichi call out to her in front of it. Keiichi walks into a shed and finds a door curiously locked, but he is interrupted by Mion frantically calling him. She claims that she thought she saw something on the roof. Keiichi dutifully climbs the ladder to inspect the roof. He calls out to Rika but receives no answer. He looks down at Mion who is holding the ladder tightly with both of her hands and staring straight ahead that he does not see anything. She responds with an apology over apparently seeing things. As he starts to descend, he notes to Mion that Rika was acting strange earlier.

"I have to put an end to this." Mion responds.

He looks down at her and asks her to repeat what she just said. She repeats it more severely, then looks up with wide and desperate eyes. Scared, Keiichi tries to laugh and ask her why she looks so angry. She contends that Furuke Rika has come to carry out Oyashiro-sama's curse. Rika is the head of one of the Three Great Families and is the leader behind the curse.

2020 S1 E8 Mion Ladder.png

As she perseverates that it is Rika, she starts to shake the ladder. She shifts to repeat that Rika is trying to kill people by using the Three Great Families and the curse. She declares that she will not let her succeed and vows to put an end to the curse. Keiichi struggles to hold on as Mion perseverates that she knows. She only stops when Chie calls out to her. The now suddenly calm Mion simply tells the teacher that Rika is not there. Chie announces that classes are cancelled, and she asks Mion to let the teachers handle the search for Rika.

Shown: "Serious Face"

Mion walks home with a serious face. Keiichi also walks with serious face. Rena walks a bit ahead of them, but she looks back with a more impish face. She directly asks them what is wrong. Keiichi responds by stating that everything is all of his fault. Mion maintains her expression as Rena asks him why he thinks it is his fault. In the background behind her, two men in gray work uniforms stand near their van. She asks him to tell her what he means, but when he starts to respond, he is startled by the presence of the two men who seem to be looking in their direction. He dismisses his thoughts and resumes his walking. Rena looks past him at Mion then follows his departure with a confused look.

In his home, he sits in a corner rationalizing that he thought what he did was not a big deal. He feels they hurt Oyashiro-sama, but he also blames Shion for that. The phone rings to interrupt his wallowing. He picks up the receiver, waits for a moment, then answers. He hears who he thinks is Shion, but he has a sudden flashback to Mion and her look at the ladder. He then asks if it is Mion. Mion responds by asking that he come over immediately. When he asks if he means the Sonozaki mansion, she responds that she will meet him at the water wheel and hangs up. At the water wheel, Mion appears calmer. Keiichi asks her why she wanted to meet him, and she becomes haughty as she explains that she felt he had something to tell her. Before he can respond, she observes that he is nervous but assure him that she understands how he is feeling. She looks at him with a sad face, which startles him, but she then smiles and invites him to talk at her home. He accepts, and as they begin to walk, inhabitants of a van observe them through their side-view mirror.

As the higurashi cry, the two walk by signs on a chain-linked fence that identify it as private property. Observing the extent of the fencing on both sides of the path they trod, Keiichi asks if the whole forest and even the mountain are her backyard. Mion confirms that it is, though she does not consider it their "backyard." As Keiichi observes closed-circuit cameras, Mion babbles that it is not as if they have gardeners tending to every last acre.

Inside a traditional room, Keiichi suggests that it must be nice to live in a "traditional (伝統・dentō)" house. Mion grouses that it is drafty and freezing during the winter. As she sits, she laments that she wishes she could live in a modern home like his. She then smiles as she guesses that clearing the snow off of the roof will be rough. Keiichi is surprised that it snows that much; Mion informs him that Hinamizawa is in the middle of snow country. When Keiichi complains that he really hates the cold, Mion teases that they will have to train him for the Hinamizawa winter. After some more teasing, she leaves to bring tea.

Keiichi sits alone, as the higurashi increase their cries, then with a scene break, Mion sits in front of him now dressed in traditional kimono. She asks him if he has the feeling that someone is out to get him. When he reacts, she gently insists that she did not intend to scare him. Keiichi changes the subject by informing her that he has to apologize to her for something. He confesses to doing something during the Watanagashi Festival, which he knew was wrong. He formally bows to Mion as he tearfully offers his apology. She calmly replies that she already knows what he, Shion, Jirō, and Takano did. Others know as well. She reminds him that though he only entered out of curiosity, there are many who believe he must be punished. Keiichi repeats his apology and bow; Mion stands, walks around the table, and sits next to him. She orders him to sit up. She tells him not to worry since she is on his side. She places her hands on his shoulders and tells him to trust her. Keiichi admits that he wants to trust her, but with Rika suddenly acting like another person, he does not know whom he can trust.

Mion gently insists that it is fine since he confessed what he did and apologized. Now she knows she can trust him. She asks him again to trust her that no matter what happens, she will be on his side. Tears fall from his eyes as he agrees to trust her.

Second Half

With a view of the outside and the sound of higurashi, the scene returns to the room. Keiichi asks her why someone has to die on the night of Watanagashi. Mion insists that, at first, the deaths were coincidences, but then, eventually, it changed. A few zealous people started to use the curse as an excuse. When Keiichi asks her what that means, she explains that one could kill someone if they did it for Oyashiro-sama on the night of Watanagashi with the excuse of protecting the village. He insists he cannot believe this happens in this day. Mion carefully stands and commands him to follow her.

Outside and in front of two heavy metal doors, Mion continues her explanation. She reminds him of the torture tools he saw in the Saiguden. Keiichi rationalizes that the tools are old while admitting that Takano was enfatuated with them. She opens the doors, and the stench disturbs Keiichi. Mion continues to explain that the tools were used to uphold the strict religious laws of Onigafuchi by torturing and killing those who broke them as a warning to others. She explains this as she leads him down a corridor. Keiichi tries to insist that such happened only in the past; Mion agrees, but she then explains that in the past the Three Great Families oversaw the Watanagashi ritual. However, when the Furude and Kimiyoshi families lost their influence, and it became harder and harder to maintain such control, the tools were put away.

Shown: Modern Times

She leads him down stairs to another set of doors as she reveals that for that reason, her family built this place where the ritual could still be carried out in secret. She opens the doors and invites him to see the "tools" her family has. She reveals a room that has a separate seating area to their left, with various implements to their right. She sarcastically deems it modern times in "1983," using the traditional dating, then reminds that Hinamizawa remains Onigafuchi, "the village where demons lived." Nevertheless, she does admit that as far as she knows no one has ever actually used the torture implements; however, the rumor remains that the tools exist and are ready for use if necessary.

The scene shifts to an area with cells. Keiichi asks her what the place is, but Mion merely walks to two heavy doors. She places her hands on them and calls it her uncle's (おじさん・ojisan) safe room, the most secure place on their property. She opens it to reveal a cell that does have bedding and a sink. Keiichi suggests that it looks like one could live in the safe room, to which Mion confirms it appears that way because one can. It has plenty of food, a phone, and electricity. A further view shows a station with multiple closed-circuit televisions. Mion claims that one could live there for a month if necessary. She then adds that because of that, he does not need to worry.

When he asks her what she means, she answers that she wants him to stay in the room for a little while, as she opens a cell door, then adds, "starting right now." Ever in possession of a clue, he protests about what he would tell his parents as he walks in front of the entrance of the cell. Mion pushes him in and closes and locks the door. In response to his protests, she insists that as long as there are people who wish to carry out the curse, and Keiichi relents to admit he understands. He asks her why, and she insists that she will do something about it, and he needs to stay there until she does. Should worse come to worse, she continues, then he can tell people that she locked him up and he is just a victim.

After a pause, Mion raises her head and looks at him. He asks her what she is planning on doing. She does not answer for a moment. She then explains that if anyone is in trouble in Hinamizawa, someone who has the power to help will do what he can. Keiichi remembers when the Motorcycle Gang was cowed by the villagers. Things changed after the Dam War, when it became about obtaining revenge on behalf of the village. She starts to explain that that was why Satoko's family, but she trails off and turns away from him. She blames her family for allowing the change to happen. When Keiichi argues that that happened long ago, Mion agrees that they are no longer in the time of "demons"; they are in the present of 1983. She then turns to face him and announces that as the de facto head of the Three Great Families and heiress to the Sonozaki, it is her responsibility to put a final end to this custom. Keiichi begs her to let him help her.


Mion looks down and smiles. She asks if he remembers giving the doll to her. Keiichi has a flashback to the incident with Mion[1] smiling as she clutches it to her chest. She blushes as she notes that he treated her like a girl and it made her happy. She then confesses that she loves him (私は圭ちゃんが大好き・Watashi wa Kei-chan ga daisuki). For this reason, she must protect him and and the only way to do that is to end the tradition. Keiichi can only respond by saying her name, which causes her to smile, but they are interrupted by an alarm.

Mion moves to the close-circuit televisions. Keiichi asks if that means someone is there, and Mion darkly and sarcastically replies that their "minions" have arrived. Perhaps they have figured it out, she muses. She continues that she will greet them. Over his protest, she calmly apologizes that she has to greet their "guest." She opens a drawer and pulls out a revolver. This freaks Keiichi out, who tries to insist that it cannot be real, but Mion merely walks away. She stops without turning back to suggest that she may be gone for a while. Panicking, Keiichi insists that she call the police. She smiles and tells him that she is sorry that she cannot trust them. She adds that if she does not return and someone else finds him, he should just tell them that she trapped him there. Keiichi desperately calls after her, but she walk through then closes the heavy doors.

Keiichi tries to break through his cell's doors by running and slamming his shoulder against them. The third try actually is a charm, and he breaks through. He looks at the video screens which show numerous men in grey uniforms. He has less success with the heavy doors. Exhausted and bloody from his attempts, he can only call out Mion's name and collapse. After a fade to black, Ōishi's voice calls out to him. He appears to be being carried on a stretcher with Ōishi looking down at him. A view of the outside of the Sonozaki compound reveals numerous police vehicles.

The date reads, literally, "a day in June (6月某日・6 tsuki bōjitsu)." Keiichi, with his head bandaged, stares at the doll in the store window. He says Mion's name. Ōishi calls out to him. He explains that he tried to visit him at the hospital, but he was discharged that day. The scene shifts to them sitting on a park bench. Ōishi asks him how he is feeling. Ōishi explains if a detective had not heard the gunshot, they may never have discovered what happened, and he is glad they at least saved him. He laughs at this, but Keiichi interrupts him to ask if that means Mion, and Ōishi in turn interrupts him to tell him to stay calm. Over Keiichi's protests, he sternly asks him if he know about the well in the underground prison. Keiichi turns sheepish as he explains that he does not since that was the first time he had ever been there. Ōishi continues that they investigated and found the bodies of Sonozaki Oryō, Kimiyoshi Kiichiro, and Shion. Over Keiichi's protests, Ōishi reveals that they also found skeletal remains that are over ten years old that belong to at least three victims. He then describes how they found Rika in the septic tank of the outhouse at the school. Keiichi recalls in a flashback being unable to open the door only to have Mion call out to him.

He realizes that Mion was involved and haltingly asks about her. Ōishi replies that she was found dead alongside the body of Satoko in the hallway of the Sonozaki mansion. The end credits begin as Ōishi rises from the bench and continues speaking. So many bodies will require investigation, and he informs Keiichi that he may need to ask him more questions sometime, and he hopes he will cooperate. As Keiichi sits stunned, Ōishi promises that if he learns anything he will tell him.

After he leaves, Keiichi imagines the well. He recalls that Mion assured him that the underground room was the safest place in Hinamizawa; yet, that is where they found Shion's body. The scene moves to the bottom of the well where her body lies under the water. He then recalls that where he looked for Rika with Mion was where they eventually found her body as the scene shifts to her face under water. Keiichi haltingly realizes that this all suggests that Mion was responsible for all of the deaths. He looks up at the sky and wonders if Mion really was trying to protect him from some conspiracy "or," but a fade to black cuts off his final words

Post-End Titles

Adult-Voiced Rika returns to announce the new arc Tataridamashi-hen and episode Curse Deceiving Chapter Part One.


In order of appearance

Referbacks and Forwards

  • Shion similarly shakes Keiichi's ladder in Lies of Watanagashi-hen.
  • The Sonozaki compound and the sturdiness of its doors are seen in Attack and Defense of Matsuribayashi-hen.
  • Shion, pretending to be Mion, hosts Rena and Keiichi in the same room wearing the same kimono in EPISODE/ARC.


  • Teachers: Chie does actually use the technical plural to specify "teachers (先生達・senseitachi)." The other teachers are never shown.

Cultural References

  • Dogeza reference HERE

Memorable Moments

  • "Confess!": Mion confesses to Keiichi. It is clear that in most arcs that Mion develops a crush on Keiichi, which he never seems to grasp, and which is the source of some humor by the manga artist as explained on her page, but this is the first time she tells him directly.


  • "I have to put an end to this." – Sonozaki Mion to Maebara Keiichi
  • "You're nervous. Trust me, I know how you're feeling now." – Mion
  • "You treated me like a girl. And that made me happy." – Mion
  • "I love you, Kei-chan." – Mion
  • "Talk about the dark side of Hinamizawa." – Ōishi Kurado to Keiichi



  1. In Watanagashi-hen it is actually Shion. This claim suggests it was Mion. Stay tuned for the eventual answer arc that may clarify this. Or not.