The Furude Family (古手家・Furudeke) is the second of The Three Great Families. The Furude are in charge of the Furude Shrine to Oyashiro-sama and the Saiguden. Mr. and Mrs. Furude, Furude Rika's parents, are listed as victims of Oyashiro-sama's curse prior to the events of most of the arcs until revealed that Takano Miyo murdered them for not letting their daughter participate in tests concerning the Hinamizawa Syndrome. Rika’s father was poisoned by the Yamainu to make it look like acute heart failure, while her mother appeared to commit suicide by walking into the Onigafuchi Swamp with her body never recovered. In reality, she was kidnaped and her brain subsequently vivesected by Takano. Only their daughter Rika remains alive in most of the arcs. While the Furude line appears to pass through daughters and her mother is the direct heir to Furude Ōka, her husband acts as the priest until his death. As the sole heir, Rika is the current priestess.


The house of the Furude family

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