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S04E12 Hanyū Strokes Rika Hair.png

The episode opens with an extended Prologue in the Realm of Time Fragments[1] with the floating temple. On the grounds, Hanyū kneels in prayer or meditation. She stirs, opens her eyes, and sees Rika materialize floating supine before and above her. She cries out Rika's name and rushs towards her as Rika's shimmering body sinks down to the "floor." Rika resolves dressed in her miko robes. Hanyū sadly rhetorically asks if it ended in another tragedy. She pats Rika's head. She smiles as she strokes Rika's hair and recalls that a thousand years ago, when she despaired over the cruel nature of the world of man, she took on the sins and cleansed the people to whom she offered herself as a sacrifice. With a flashback to her daughter holding the sword Onigari no Ryūō (鬼狩の柳桜), Hanyū laments that she entrusted that sacrifice to her.

Back in the Realm, she sadly confesses that during the millennia that followed she continued to hate mankind, but "nothing last forever." This includes barriers such as doors, but Hanyū adds hearts and then the power that kept her sealed away from the human world. She retells the story that if the Furude family have a succession first born who are girls, the eighth will allow the reincarnation of Oyashiro-sama.

S04E12 Hanyū Touch Rika Cheek.png

As she touches Rika's face, she confesses that this was why she was so happy when Rika was born.

The scene flashes back to an infant Rika sleeping in a crib. Hanyū's robes are seen through the bars. Hanyū continues to explain that, at long last, she finally regained her view of the human world. She stares down at Rika with a blushing but somewhat concerned expression. Baby Rika opens her eyes, smiles, laughs, and raises her hands up towards Hanyū. The flashback pulls back to an idealization where Rika's crib is surrounded numerous mobiles from which various stuffed toys hang. As she looks down on her Hanyū's expression relaxes into a smile as her narration continues. She confesses that the millennia she spent rejecting the world of men was nothing more than a cage of her own loneliness. She muses that perhaps that was her punishment for forcing her daughter to sacrifice her. Baby Rika is able to reach up and touch Hanyū's face.

Back in the Realm of Time Fragments, a fragment appears that contains the scene of Hanyū looking down on Baby Rika. Others contain similar scenes as Hanyū continues her confession that when Rika's mother became pregnant, she prayed that her child would be a girl. Then Rika would the first friend she has had in a thousand years. It would be as if Hanyū had her daughter back.

As Hanyū laments that in the first June of 1983[2] and the scene fades first to black then resolves to the Yamainu holding down the struggling Rika, she committed another grave sin. Takano stands laughing over her holding a folded cloth. Hanyū explains to allow her to avoid her horrible fate, she granted Rika power and turned her into one who lives in loops. Takano places the cloth over Rika's mouth as she sarcastically wishes "Rika-chan" a goodnight.

The view passes above Takano's smiling face, into a fade into black, to resolve into a number of fragments that contain versions of that event. The scene focuses on the crack split in Hanyū's left horn as she laments that her power was imperfect, and it only brought her a hundred years of suffering. With a view of a die rolling[3], Hanyū accepts that Rika cursed the dice of fate that continued to bequeath despair upon her. The die fades to black as Hanyū's voice brightens as she declares that, despite that, Rika never gave up as the scene resolves to the outside of the school.

Inside, Hanyū stands next to a smiling Chie and stammers her greeting from a flashback. The students, who include Keiichi, Rika, Mion, Rena, Daiki, Suguru, Glasses-Chan, Headband-Chan, Twin Tails-Chan, react impressed. Rena quickly enters Cute Mode™ but then pauses as she wonders about the name "Furude." Rika quickly clarifies that she is a distant relative. Hanyū nervously "Auu~ Auu~s" but her narration explains that Rika's strength allowed her to move from a bystander to a participant.

Shown: Takano recapitulating the events of Matsuribayashi-hen . . . with slight differences.

The scene returns to the Realm of Time Fragments, then to Takano holding her gun in the rain as Hanyū narrates "and then." Takano declares that the world is just like the game "Old Maid." The flashback recapitulates the events from Matsuribayahsi-hen with slight differences. Hanyū speaks to Mion in her more Adult Voice. When she demands Takano shoot her, her eyes blaze as Rika and Satoko's have blazed. Her voice grows more adult as she demands that Takano foist the sin she feels she must foist upon the world of men upon her. Takano fires, and the scene cuts to black.

Shown: Origin of Hanyū's Glittering Crack!
Also Shown: When They Cry Wiki has no shame.

Back in the Realm of Time Fragments, more fragments materialize, and Hanyū continues her narration. She explains that after receiving the miracle, she returned to the "Sea of Fragments." With a flashback of her, translucent, standing next to the sleeping Rika in a hospital bed, she bids Rika a good night and sweet dreams. Returning to the Realm, Hanyū stands, closes her eyes tightly, and numerous floating fragments shatter. This forms a "snow" of floating glitter that surrounds Hanyū. Some of it collects in the crack defect in her left horn, causing it to glow. With a focus on the unconscious Rika, Hanyū confesses that despite everything she was happy to see her again.

First Half

The episode opens with a flashback to Ōishi's murder of Rika from the previous episode. He beats her repeatedly with Sotoshi's bat as he demands she talk. Rika comes to, now supine, in the Realm screaming as she holds her head. Hanyū stands near her and calmly assures her that now everything is fine. Rika continues to sob as three floating fragments contains scenes of her death, and Hanyū insists that the pain is nothing more than a memory. Shocked by it, Rika announces that Ōishi killed her, then realizes that she remembers who killed her. She turns to Hanyū and asks what is happening.

S04E12 Eua Yawn.png

The scene becomes a fragment in Eua's Realm. Eua watches whilst reclining on her couch. She marvels at the foolishness, then she emits a long yawn. She muses that if only Hanyū stayed with "the Cat" until the end she might have been able to help her. Satoko stands near her, dressed in the clothes she wore at the end of the previous episode, and she happily remarks that if Rika now remembers who killed her it will make their methods more effective. Back in Rika and Hanyū's Realm, Rika rants about how she spent a hundred years trapped in the cage that was Hinamizawa. She never knew why, she protests, and if not for her friends, her soul would not have survived. Hanyū, at this stage, appears to shimmer. Rika continues her rant by declaring that in her mind she no longer is a little girl and it is no longer 1983. She escaped the village and achieved her dream of starting a new life. As she continues her rant, Hanyū's image shimmers more and more. Rika laments that even if she does find the ability to escape, it only means that, one day, she may be snatched back.

Hanyū can only reply with her "sorry." Enraged, Rika concludes that if Hanyū disappears, then she will truly be alone. She falls to the ground crying, and Hanyū's image continues to break up, she regrets that she has to say it, but it will be her parting words. As in the Question Arc's episode, Hanyū explains the sacred sword she calls "Onigari no Ryūō (鬼狩の柳桜)."[4] The scene switches to Satoko who repeats that statement that the sword can kill one who lives in loops as a question. The scene then switches back to Hanyū's departure from Rika. Numerous fragments floating about them contain the same scene. Alone, Rika falls to her knees and sobs that she cannot do this without her.

Second Half

Shown: Rika's face, in Hinamizawa, looking depressed.

The scene cuts to Rika's face in Hinamizawa looking depressed. The focus moves behind her to reveal that she is outside of the school with Satoko to her left, and Mion bending down to listen to her with Rena to the left of Mion. She tells Mion that she wants to play hide and seek. Mion leans back and considers that request kind of random, but Rena exclaims that she likes hide and seek. Keiichi stands to Rena's left and asks where they are allowed to hide, and if it includes anywhere on the school grounds. Satoko quickly protests that that is too small, and they will all be found quickly. Rika responds that anywhere in Hinamizawa will be fine. Keiichi places his hand to his forehead as he notes that that is a big area. Satoko emits her patented laugh as she vows to ensare anyone who looks for her with her superior trap making skills. More pleasantly, Rika informs her that they only one hiding will be herself. This seems to surprise Satoko, and with a view of their feet, Mion adds her surprise.

Shown: A Stylized Flashback

The scene shifts to the grounds of the Furude Shrine. Satoko's voice calls out to Rika. She declares that she knows she must be there so she should just give herself up. When she hears no response, she makes her way to the Saiguden. She tries the lock but then recalls when she snuck into it as a child as she climbs to the roof. She looks down through an aperture as she muses that she hid there and Rika was blamed for a mistake she made. There is a stylized flashback to Rika being punished by her father as she protests her innocence. Staring into the window, Satoko pleasantly muses how long ago that was, how many centuries, then admits that she can no longer remember.

S04E12 Chip.png

She removes the wooden grill from the window. She jumps down before the statue of Oyashiro-sama. Climbing up the step ladder in front of it, she touches his face, which causes his head to split to her satisfaction. This reveals a sword sheathed in the slot in his neck. With a smile, and Kenji Kawai's music turning somber, she pulls out the sword. As she does, unnoticed by her, she chips the tip of the second blade which causes her to fall backwards. The blade spins and, dramatically, embeds in the floor next to her. She cheek starts to bleed from a thin scratch caused by the blade. She resolves that she needs to keep such a dangerous weapon away from Rika. She stands and pulls it from the floor; the scene focuses on its chipped prong which gives a spark of reflection.

The scene cuts to the outside of the Saiguden later in the day, then inside as Rika hysterically laughs to herself as she inspects the neck of the statue. Tears flow as she calls to "silly Hanyū" that the parting gift she never wanted is not even there. She laughs and cries until a reflected spark appears from inside the hole in the neck where the sword was sheathed. Rika reacts to this, and the scene cuts to the outside the Furude Shrine. Keiichi's voice is heard repeating as a question to Mion that she has the hunch that Rika is at the shrine. Rena replies that since she lives there she must know of many places to hide. Satoko complains in response that it is her home as well, and she has searched everywhere. As they all reach the top of the steps, Mion explains that if Rika really wanted to keep them from finding her, she would hide there. Rena calls out to Rika to come out. Mion adds that while they may have all lost today, they will not let her win tomorrow.

Sitting with the shard at her neck, Rika hears Mion. She laughs sardonically, then muses in her Adult Voice that she can die whenever she wishes. Outside, Satoko calls out that no matter where she hides, she will always find her. Rika's eyes glisten. Her hand reaches up with her fingers spread as she vows she will live five more loops, and if she cannot succeed with that, she will give up. Outside, Satoko adds that she certainly cannot let Rika get away from her. She grins and laughs.

What follows is an explanation of how various characters contracted the Hinamizawa Syndrome[5] as depicted in the "question" episode. In a rare moment of brevity, When They Cry Wiki will limit the description to the differences from that episode.

The paper calendar that hangs in their home reads "Wednesday, June 15, 1983."

The higurashi question the meaning of their existence as Akasaka Mamoru stands at the observation deck of the shrine which overlooks the village. Satoko greets him asking if he is "Akasaka-san." He replies that he is, then recognizes her from the toy store in Okinomiya. She replies that she is, gives her name, then notes that he seems well-acquainted with Rika, though she does not know why. He says his wife owes her her life.[6] As he vows that whatever "Rika-chan" needs, he is there for her, the higurashi move on to debate application of the leg before the wicket rule whilst a smiling Satoko approaches holding the syringe case behind her back. She stops close to him and states that she must explain the real reason for Rika's suffering as the scene focuses on a small building nearby. As he repeats, "real reason," the scene focuses on Hinamizawa's Official Higurashi who cries alone on a tree. Satoko confesses that most people would not believe her. She then reveals that Rika is infected with parasites that have taken control of her. The scene focuses on the box she holds, then cuts to black as Akasaka replies that he is sure he can do something to help her.

The higurashi cease their cries.

The scene cuts back to the wide-eyed Rika being stabbed by him as depicted in the "question" episode. She looks up at him with pathetic shock as he digs at his neck and celebrates having finally "cured" her of her parasites. This degenerates into him burning down her home. Outside, Ōishi, and the rest of the Gang watch as the home explodes. For her part, Satoko quietly muses, as if addressing Rika, that she hopes she will realize sooner than later that this is the "curse." There is a pan of Rika's hand peaking out from under burning debris. Satoko clarifies that this is Oyashiro-sama's curse. She smiles wildly as her eyes blaze. Before the conflagration, her right hand reaches up, and she snaps her fingers.

A cut to black occurs with the sound of a sword cutting through flesh. Mion's head hits the floor.

"'sup, Akane?"

Akane's feet are seen waking as her bloody blade trails behind her. The scene focuses on her from behind. She digs into her bloody neck with her left fingers as she complains about how her neck itches. She pauses, turns her head, and suggests that it must also itch severely to the one she addresses. The scene reveals it is Rika sitting bloody and dejected. In her Adult Voice, Rika responds that it does, but, thanks to Akane, she cannot move her arms to scratch her neck.

Akane looks down at her with wild eyes and an evil grin as she continues scratching her neck. She claims that she is truly sorry that Rika had to be born into the Furude family. She drives the point of her sword into the tatami between Rika’s legs and furiously digs into her neck as she screams that if she had a choice she would not have been born in Hinamizawa. Rika replies that it is their curse for having been born in Hinamizawa. Akane pulls her sword free as she assures Rika that it is fine. Rika continues to stare ahead as Akane declares that she[7] will make her feel all better. Rika calmly asks the to do so and put an end to this so she can move on to the next world as the scene pans down to her right hand. As Rika curl her finger, Akane vows to follow her as soon as she destroyer her Hinamizawa blood.

Shown: Why you do not bring a katana to a gun fight, Akane. . . .

There is the sound of a sword slicing through flesh, and Rika’s head lands on the tatami. Akane smiles with satisfaction but then realizes that someone is behind her. Satoko stands inside the entrance of the room. She demands to know who it is, but without turning, she then rhetorically asks if it is “Satoko-’’chan’’.” She cranes her neck back and remarks that it is odd: “You look just like Satoko-chan, but you surely aren’t her.” Satoko calmly asks if she has taken care of her “dear Rika.” Akane warily asks her why she needs to know; Satoko calmly insists that it is very important that she does.

Akane starts to approach Satoko with her sword. Satoko notices Rika’s head. With a cute smile, she declares that it appear that she did not have to worry at all. Akane stands before her with her blade ready. She leaps forward with a downward cut[8], but Satoko evades it as well as Akane’s next two cuts[9] then moves in and places the muzzle of her gun under Akane’s chin as she raises her blade to strike again. With a satisfied smile, Akane declares that she knew there was a demon in their midst.

Satoko blows her brains out.

Akane’s body falls backwards to reveal Satoko’s eyes now blaze. She replies that she is not a demon and places the gun against her temple. The scene focuses on her left hand over Akane’s body.

She snaps her fingers and the scene cuts to black.

The scene opens with Kimiyoshi in his boat lecturing that his listener should know that when Oyashiro-’’sama’’ gets mad, the good women of the Furude family must be sacrificed. In the bottom of the boat, Rika lies bloody. In her Adult Voice she commands him to shut up. Kimiyoshi picks her up and genially declares that she must be happy to follow in her ancestor’s footsteps. She repeats her order for him to just shut up. He continues his monologue, declaring Oryō and Mion useless. Rika asks him if he could finish his monologue ‘‘after’’ he tosses her into the swamp. Delighted, he again restarts his monologue complimenting her on how she knows about his responsibilities, but she interrupts him to correct him that his breath just stinks. Enraged, he complies.

As Rika sinks, her ring finger curls next to her curled pinky.

In the boat, Kimiyoshi furiously prays to Oyashiro-sama to cease being angry. The scene pulls back to reveal Satoko’s hand holding a pocket watch. She declares that if Rika can hold her breath this long, she will have doubled the world record. She sits in a tree with her eye blazing. She smiles, closes the pocket watch with a snap, and the scene cuts to black.

The scene opens panning over the bloody bodies of Angel Mort Waitress-chans with the sound of something striking flesh. Keiichi’s bloody face appears, and he laughs maniacally. He scratches at his neck with his right hand and declares that it is finally starting to get fun. Rena stands in front of him and hysterically demands to know how he can say that: “This isn’t fun at all!” He insists that he is having fun, and he raises his bat as he adds that he will have even more fun once he bashes her head in.

Rena dodges his blow, and he strikes a table. One the floor lies a bloody Satoko. Rika sits, bloody, staring ahead in shock. In her Adult Voice, she mutters that it will never end. Keiichi raises the bat as he declares that this fun reminds him of the Club. Rena struggles with him, and tries to reason with him, but he eventually brings the bat down on her head.[10] Her body falls face-down next to Satoko's. Rika continues to mutter in her Adult Voice that she is not given time to even catch her breath. Keiichi turns to her.

S04E12 Eua What.png

The scene focuses on her face staring down, which them becomes shown in a time fragment. Eua laughs off-screen. She again compliments the story telling of the "Child of Man" that will keep away her boredom. She laughs a bit longer, then stops, cranes her neck to look over her right shoulder, and asks what it is (おや・oya). The floating ceiling and torii develop bright cracks. The involve all of the structures while Eua continues her gaze unfazed. Sparkling tiny fragments stream from the cracks to coalesce into the form of Hanyū suspended above and behind her.

Eua laughs derisively. She greets her "failure," and smiles.

Hanyū gazes back at her with determination and states that she has at last found her.

Post-End Titles

Adult-Voiced Rika announces the next episode.


In order of appearance

Referbacks and Forwards

  • "What the Horns!": Hanyū-chan's background as known and alluded to in this episode, including her relationship with her daughter, is contained in her character pages. Arg!
  • "Gleased to Pleet You!": Hanyū-chan makes her cutely cumbersome introduction to the class in Opening of Season Two's adaption of Matsuribayashi-hen.
  • "How About a Nice Game of Solitaire, Miyo?": Tomoko confronts Mion and the rest in Finale of Season Two's adaption of Matsuribayashi-hen. This is also recreated in episodes [PUT HERE]. There are differences in both dialogue and expression of characters which may suggest this is a different Matsuribayashi-hen time fragment.
  • Rika in the Hospital: this possibly occurred in Saikoroshi-hen. It is not shown in the anime adaptation. It does appear to represent a juxtaposition of Takano's sarcastic words to Rika before she drugs her.
  • Hanyū's Glittering Crack [Stop that! – Ed.]: When They Cry Wiki shamelessly wondered about the significance of her . . . crack . . . in her horn, "glittering" when she appears in the Third Season. This episode suggests a significance.
  • Hanyū's Revelation: Occurs in EPISODE of ARC of the Third Season. Hanyū appearance generated speculation.
  • "Behold! Excalibur!": why Rika only finds a shard in Cat-Deceiving Chapter Part One is explained.
  • Satoko's Mistake: she accidentally damaged the statue.
  • Rika's Snaps: Rika's multiple deaths accompanied by her finger snaps occurred in Cat-Deceiving Chapter Part Two.
  • Parasyte!: It appears that with all of her loops, Satoko has learned of the actual theories behind the Hinamizawa Syndrome. While she required treatment for it in numerous arcs, she never understood it. Only Rika, who volunteers to help Takano and Irie in their research to help Satoko, knows this background. One can potentially add the Shion who makes it to Matsuribayashi-hen who finally sees Satoshi lying in his perpetual induced coma.


  • Guinness World Record: When They Cry Wiki recalls back before even Showa 1983 that the Guinness Book of World Records – we had books back then – indicated that it would not accept attempts to break given how dangerous it was. Clearly, progress has been made particularly with the allowance of hyperventilation with pure oxygen prior to the attempt. This article gives a nice description of the history and difference and leads to this link which gives the record for a woman in 1998 as 5'23''. Since Rika is not an adult woman, and Satoko is holding a pocket watch rather than a stop watch, she makes her statement at 20:03 in the video, and Rika "goes into the drink" at 19:36, which all means the episode does not depict the full passage of time. However, if by chance she went into the river at 2:00 on Satoko's watch, then the depicted time of roughly 2:13:32 would more than double the record.

Cultural References

  • Dice: the dice Rika imagines are not the dice traditionally used in Japan. The infamous chō-Han (丁半), a staple of any decent yakuza movie or anime, uses six-sided dice.
  • Blood: linkypoo to a discussion of the very common superstition. Wonder why characters have their blood type listed?

Memorable Moments

  • "Look Me in the Eye!": as noted in the Synopsis, in this version, Hanyū's eyes blaze as Rika and Satoko's do. This is different from the way they changed in the original "Finale" episode. The significance? Stay tuned, but there probably be spoilers there, Arg!


  • "But nothing lasts forever." – Francis Urquart, M.P. Furude Hanyū
  • "Rika! You know wherever you hide, I will find you!" – Hōjō Satoko
  • ”No, your breath just stinks.” – Furude Rika to Kimiyoshi Kiichirō
  • ”This isn’t fun at all!” – Ryūgū Rena to Maebara Keiichi
  • "How long ago was that? How many centuries ago?" – Satoko
  • "At long last, I've found you!" – Hanyū to Eua



  1. Hanyū will later refer to the place as the "Sea of Fragments (欠片の海・kakera no umi)," which, of course, means When They Cry Wiki will have to consider updating the references. . . .
  2. As with most characters, Hanyū uses the traditional dating based on Hirohito's reign name.
  3. Die only has one "dot" on all of its faces. See Cultural References.
  4. The fansubs render a non-Japanese vowel combination. See the Question Arc.
  5. Arg! Spoiler it be! Satoko is involved. Arg!
  6. Fansubs render it as him saying he owes Rika his life. However, he says 彼女 (kanojo) which, while often used as "she," it refers to a late teen to adult woman, particularly a girlfriend. If Akasaka meant to refer to Rika, he would have simply said her name or used "young girl (少女・shōjo)." It is Rika's warning in some arcs that leads to Akasaka saving his pregnant wife.
  7. Akane refers to herself as "aunt (お母さん・obasan)" to Rika.
  8. Kirioroshi (切り下ろし)
  9. 袈裟斬り (kesa giri)
  10. Censored in versions available.