Kimiyoshi's Son
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First Appearance Meakashi-hen
Portrayed By Daisuke Sasaki

The Kimiyoshi's son is an advisor of Hinamizawa and a member of the Kimiyoshi family. He assists to the counsel where "Mion" is talking about the murders and the persons who entered in the Saiguden and reacts enraged about it like the others elders and Kiichirō. He also participate in the search for Rika and Satoko disappearances and was called by Shion when his father disappeared.

Kimiyoshi's son is also a real estate agent and driver of the Hinamizawa Tour Bus. He sold a house to Maebara Ichirō along with his colleague, a surprising thing for him.


He wears a violet shirt with little glasses. He has brown hair and eyes. In the search for Rika and Satoko he also wears a bolo tie.


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