Kimiyoshi Tōji
公由 冬司
Kimiyoshi TojiPNG
Age  ?
First Appearance Onisarashi-hen
Portrayed By Keiji Fujiwara

Kimiyoshi Tōji is the father of Kimiyoshi Natsumi and the husband of Kimiyoshi Haruko, who first appears in Onisarashi-hen. Even though he's the head of the household and the main money provider, Haruko is the one who actually manages the their expenses and de facto leads the family.

Character SummaryEdit

Tōji is an easygoing and silent person who is usually seen reading a newspaper, though this is mostly to hide himself whenever a conflict takes place in the family, usually between Haruko and Aki. Because of a promotion at his job, he had to move from Okinomiya along with his family. Even though he's usually timid and self-restrained, he does get mad sometimes, as it was shown in Someutsushi-hen when started to yell with Haruko at Natsumi for having a part-time job despite the school rules strictly prohibiting it (this part time job was actually for his and his wife's sake, since Natsumi wanted to buy an anniversary gift for her parents).


Tōji, lying dead behind Natsumi in Someutsushi-hen

In Onisarashi-hen he helps Natsumi hide her grandmother's chopped up corpse, but he leaves the head near at the road, and the police find it quickly. After the head was found, he finds his inner courage to stand up for himself and suggests to turn themselves in, but Natsumi, who's at the last stage of the Hinamizawa Syndrome, kills him.

In Someutsushi-hen, Natsumi remembers to her delusions in Onisarashi-hen, however this time Tōji suggests that he'll give himself up to the police (even though it wasn't him who killed Aki) to protect Natsumi and Haruko from arrest, however, his fate remains the same and ends up being killed.


  • Tōji took his wife's surname when they married, most likely due to the Kimiyoshi Family's prestige in Hinamizawa and the neighboring towns.
  • In Someutsushi-hen, it was revealed that he works for a trading company.