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Makimura Tamako
牧村 珠子

Tamako1 def

Tamako2 def

Nickname Tama (by Akira)
Age 17
Birthday 1966
First Appearance Onisarashi-hen
Portrayed By Fukui Yukari

Makimura Tamako is a new character who first appeared in Onisarashi-hen. She is a classmate of Kimiyoshi Natsumi and Saeki Chisato.

Character Summary

Unlike Chisato, Tamako is a bit silent and calm girl. She and Chisato became friends a long time ago along with Tōdō Akira. Later on, she befriends Kimiyoshi Natsumi and helps her out whenever Chisato jokes with her. Just like everybody else at her school, she also treats the Hinamizawan people as "freaks" after the Great Hinamizawa Disaster which puts stress on Natsumi and eventually makes her a victim of the Hinamizawa Syndrome. After Natsumi ends up in a hospital, she visits her regularly along with Chisato and helps to forget the death of her family.

Physical Appearance

Tamako wears the same school uniform as Natsumi and Chisato. She has short, violet hair with bangs cut above her forehead and has small, brown eyes. Although she is 17 years old, her face looks younger than her age, and she is also slightly chubby, giving her a much younger appearance.


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