First Appearance Himatsubushi-hen
Portrayed By
  • Shoto Kashii
  • Steve Kramer
  • Makino (牧野) is a native of Hinamizawa and has good relations with the Kimiyoshi and Furude families (it is not known if the same applies with the Sonozaki family). He acts as somewhat of an adviser to the village headman, Kimiyoshi Kiichirō, as he often divulges information on incidents to him and sits in on important meetings with the three great families. Makino is also one of the veterans of the Onigafuchi Defense League who fought during the dam war, so it is assumed that he has known Kimiyoshi on a personal level as well as professionally. Makino also participates to Elders reunions along with Kimiyoshi Kiichirō's Son.

    In Himatsubushi-hen, he drives Akasaka with his van through Hinamizawa, with Rika who he calls "a blessing"


    Makino wears a green shirt, grey pants, a straw hat and a white towel knotted around his neck. He has black-grey hair and brown eyes.


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