Minai Tomoe
南井 巴


Tomoe P

Age 29
Birthday 1954
Weapon(s) Handguns
First Appearance Someutsushi-hen
Portrayed By Nana Inou

Minai Tomoe is the main protagonist of Someutsushi-hen, Kagebōshi-hen, Tokihogushi-hen, and the DS-port of Miotsukushi-hen. Tomoe is a new police officer and detective from Kakiuchi station who investigates the curse of Oyashiro-sama and the Great Hinamizawa Disaster. She later gets deeply involved in Natsumi's problems through her investigation. She has a sister, Minai Madoka, who is also a police officer. She was voiced by Nana Inoue.

In Someutsushi-hen, she replaced Akasaka Mamoru and Ōishi Kuraudo, who are both not present in this arc. At the end, Tomoe came too late to stop Kimiyoshi Natsumi from committing suicide, which causes her grief.

In Kagebōshi-hen, she aids Akasaka and Ōishi in their investigation. This time, she was able to prevent Natsumi from attacking one of her friends, Saeki Chisato, at the cost of her own life.

In Tokihogushi-hen, she became involved in the 1982 case of Ryūgū Rena (in which Rena attacked three of her male classmates, one of whom happened to be a relative of Ozaki Nagisa, a childhood friend of Rena).

In Miotsukushi-hen, Tomoe's story continues from Tokihogushi-hen. While trying to find the identity of the kidnapper of the late Ozaki Nagisa, she was able to help Natsumi overcome the Curse of Oyashiro-sama. Later, when Tomoe found out that Hanada Shirō, her former subordinate, was Nagisa's kidnapper and her father's true murderer, she pursued and arrested him.