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Original Air Date(s) November 23, 2011
Number of Episodes 1
Previous Arc Ayakashisenshi-hen
Following Arc Yumeutsushi-hen

Musubienishi-hen (結縁し編, Affinity Chapter) is an original anime only arc in the Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kira OVA. This arc focuses on Sonozaki Mion and Maebara Keiichi's relationship which ends up in a love triangle between Rena, Shion, Mion and Keiichi.

The story starts when Mion and Keiichi are walking home from school. On their way home they run into Takano Miyo, Sonozaki Oryō and Hōjō Teppei. All three adults suggest that Keiichi and Mion look like a perfect couple, effectively embarrassing Mion. Keiichi says that he wouldn't mind to become Mion's boyfriend but then reveals he was only joking. Mion hits Keiichi in embarrassment and runs away. Shion, who saw the whole scene, decides to "help out" her sister which starts the story's complication. 

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