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First Appearance Onikakushi-hen

Okinomiya (興宮) is the small but more modern town very close to the village. It is located about an hour by bike from Hinamizawa.  

Despite its more modern amenities such as stores, it is still described as being rather rural. 

Most characters have some connection to the town. Those who live there include: Takano Miyo; Kimiyoshi Natsumi; Kasai Tatsuyoshi; Sonozaki Shion and her parents who run their Yakuza operations from Okinomiya. Ōishi Kuraudo was born and raised there. 

Okinomiya contains many significant locations for the series: the apartment block where Shion and Kasai live; the restaurant Angel Mort; a toy store that belongs to Yoshirō; a public pool; the library; the police station where Ōishi, Kumagai, Komiyama and Hondaya work at; and the infamous Suzu Mahjong Parlor where Akasaka played at. There also used to be a cafe called "Slim Berta," which Shion particularly liked but seemed to have possibly closed in Shouwa-year 56 (1981). 

Due to its close proximity and residents from Hinamizawa, many people living here believe in Oyashiro-sama and his curse. Okinomiya is far enough to Hinamizawa to prevent symptoms of Hinamizawa Syndrome from surfacing, but on the other hand, it is also close enough to cause its residents to become insane in the case of a disaster.




  • The town's name comes from お好み焼き (okonomiyaki) a type of japanese dish.