This is the sixth chapter of the manga only arc Onisarashi-hen.


A reporter says that a recently found female body has not yet been identified, and, according to the Investigations Department of the local police, it may be related to the recent Hinamizawa incidents. Meanwhile, Akira Toudou runs to Natsumi's house.

Akasaka and Oishi are talking to a policewoman named Madoka about a torso that had recently been found. It and the head that had been found earlier both belong to the same victim. Madoka leaves and comes back a moment later with more information. She says that the victim died, because she was hit in a vital spot. They start another conversation, and Akasaka says that some people are being harassed at school, because their names sound like family names from Hinamizawa. Madoka says if someone stands out in any way, then they are automatically labeled as a Hinamizawa native. Akasaka, looking at pictures of Hinamizawa families, jumps up and calls for Oishi's attention. One picture shows a woman who looks just like Natsumi's grandmother. Oishi demands to know the time of death of the woman, and Madoka says that she dies 4 or 5 days ago.

Finally, Akira arrives at Natsumi's house and ring the doorbell. However, no one answers, and he decides to go in anyway. While walking through the house, he notices blood on the floor. When he finds Natsumi, she tells him not to come in. Upon entering the room, Haruko smashes a vase on his head and knocks him out. Then, she asks her daughter where she was hiding, and Natsumi tells her not to kill anyone else. Then, Haruko starts to swing a knife at her daughter, but Natsumi grabs her hand. Haruko tells her to get off, but Natsumi tells her

Akira hugging Natsumi

mother to stop. Suddenly, a large amount of blood comes out of Haruko's throat.

Police officers and an ambulance arrive outside of the Kimiyoshi residence. Akira, who is sitting in the back of the ambulance, asks Oishi if he notified the police. Oishi says that it was his civic responsibility to do so. Akasaka comes from inside the house with Natsumi and says he found her. He says she doesn't look hurt, but they should take her to the hospital just in case. Akira walks toward Natsumi. She says that she's sorry and says that she told a lot of lies. While she is naming her wrongdoings, Akira hugs her.

A reporter on the scene says that, since the rescued girl of the family is in deep psychological shock, it will be difficult to find out what happened at the scene.