Otobe Akira
乙部 彰
Age 18-19
First Appearance Yoigoshi-hen
Portrayed By Miyata Kouki

Otobe Akira is a character in the Higurashi no Naku Koro ni series, and the main character of Yoigoshi-hen. He comes to a Hinamizawa in the wake of the Great Hinamizawa Disaster, once the SDF's ban on the area was released. When he initially meets "Sonozaki Mion" he has been separated from the people he came with and has amnesia for the events that have occurred since arriving. He initially believes that the car and people he came with have simply disappeared.

He is very timid seeming, although at first it seems that it may be due to unusual situation he finds himself in. Both Mion and Shion initially mistake him for Hōjō Satoshi on meeting him, and at one point, "Mion" even asks him if he can tell the difference between broccoli and cauliflower, a thing that neither Satoshi nor his sister Satoko could do.

Truth of His Past Edit

Akira left his parents and their rural home against their will, intending to go to Tokyo and take his college entry exams. He worked hard to return, but he started spending money he didn't have and eventually found himself with a huge debt to settle.

Akira was, from the beginning of the arc, a terrible coward. He felt like he could not go home and face his parents with his debts, but also could not bring himself to stand up and deal with them. Instead, he joined a group of people heading to the abandoned Hinamizawa, where they intended to commit what is commonly called a "charcoal suicide" (burning charcoal in an enclosed space and inhaling the asphyxiating fumes). He backed out at the last second and got out of the car before they lit the charcoal. Before leaving the car behind, he stole the credit cards and pocket book of a fellow passenger, intending to use the dead girl's money to pay off his own debt. He later regrets doing so, and returns them when he and "Mion" find the car again.

Assisting "Mion" in her quest helps him find his own inner strength, and he comes out of the experience a changed man.