General Rules

1. Be respectful to the pages and other Wikia contributors. Offensive language of any kind, towards any member or included in articles, is not tolerated, no matter the discussion.

2. No edit warring. If you disagree with a particular edit, discuss it on either the article's Talk page, or the contributor's own Talk page.

3. Keep the articles objective. Subjective information is always discouraged, so don't treat any fan speculation or theories, no matter how widely spread, as fact.

4. Keep your own original opinions and character nicknames to yourself.

5. Vandalism of any kind is unwanted and inappropriate. Examples of vandalism include:

  • Replacing entire articles with nonsense or offensive language
  • Inserting nonsense or offensive language, spam or deliberately misleading information
  • Inserting comments into the body of articles that belong on a Talk page
  • Deleting sections of articles, or deleting entire legitimate articles
  • Breaking canon, especially to the point of absurdity

6. After you are done editing an article, please include a brief explanation of your reasoning and/or where the information for the edit came from.

7. Please keep in mind that Ryukishi07, the author of Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, declared that the story is not intended to be a love story, even though it does have some romantic elements. There are no official pairings, no matter how much "evidence" or fan speculation there is.

8. Do not upload images or other media unrelated to Higurashi. The only exception to this rule is if the image is for use on a user page and is not posted anywhere else on the wiki.

  • Please try your best to upload images of the highest resolution. No youtube screencaps or fanart. Recommended file types are .png and high quality .jpg/.jpegs. 
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