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Shion's Apartment
First Appearance Meakashi-hen

Shion's Apartment is a location in Okinomiya. It is first seen in Meakashi-hen, though it is also briefly mentioned in Watanagashi-hen. After Shion escapes from St. Lucia, she goes into hiding from her family here. Kasai lives next door.

In Meakashi-hen, earlier events in the story are told from Shion's perspective, as she slowly gets used to living by herself, getting a part time job at Angel Mort thanks to her uncle.

In the final day, Shion, after stabbing Keiichi and escaping from Hinamizawa, attempts to climb back up to her apartment through the balcony, she slips and hits her head on another part of the apartment a couple of floors below, she survives, but shortly after she decides to throw herself into the concrete floor, commiting suicide. In the manga, the crime scene is investigated by Ōishi.

In the epilogue, Shion's diary is discovered in her room.
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