First Appearance Minagoroshi-hen
Portrayed By Risa Mizuno

Sodanin is a female investigator from the Child Welfare Office who appears first in Minagoroshi-hen.

In the Child Welfare Office, she answers to the Club during a meeting between her and them about Satoko's situation with her uncle. She tells them that they are currently working on Satoko's case and they remind her that the day before Child Welfare left her home without doing anything. Making a mistake by saying that they will continue "to help the Hōjō family live a sound life as a father and daughter should", Shion angerly says that they are "uncle and niece". Sodanin looks at her notes and apologizes for the mistake then continues by saying that they "will continue to guide the guardian and dependent in leading a healthy relationship.". Rena and Mion tell things about Teppei and she says that she will inform the social worker in charge of Satoko.

She reappears during a second meeting with her colleague Harayama and the Club to speak about Satoko's problems.


Sodanin wears a blue suit with a white shirt and glasses. She has violet/red hair and brown eyes.


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