Soul brothers manga

Manga Artwork drawn by Karin Suzuragi

The Soul Brothers (ソウルブラザー Sōruburazā), or The Elite Four (暗黒四天王Ankoku Shiten'nō, lit. Four Dark Heavenly Kings), is a group that appears multiple times in the Higurashi franchise, mostly in After-parties and other comedy-centered scenarios. They mostly deal with lewd fantasies.

The members of this group are:

- Maebara "K" Keiichi

- Tomitake "Tommy" Jirō

- Irie "Iri" Kyōsuke

- Ōishi "Cloud" Kuraudo

Visual Novel


The first appearance of the Soul Brothers

The Soul Brothers were first introduced in the mini-game Renapan, available as a bonus of Onikakushi-hen (removed in Mangagamer's version). At this time, the only members were Keiichi, Tomitake and Ōishi, Irie joined them later, simply because we didn't know him yet.

They later appear during Himatsubushi-hen's after party, assisting K's ultimate form, protected by the cover of darkness.

Their last appearance in the games was in Rei, in the Batsukoishi-hen chapter.


During Higurashi Rei, this group wants to become more popular with girls by using sacred trunks that make anyone who wear them for three hours become popular with girls.

The Soul Brothers Assembled

When they work together and united they are almost "invincible". However, they easily turn on each other due to their lust for women.
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