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Tomitake Jirō
富竹 ジロウ
  • Tomi, or Tomy
  • Risa
  • Age probably 30s
    Birthday September 14
  • Sniper rifles
  • Handguns
    Higurashi Daybreak Weapons
  • Survival Camera
  • Spiritual Camera
  • H&K MP5 Submachine Gun
  • Catchphrase Tomitake Flash! (富竹フラッシュ!)
    First Appearance Onikakushi-hen
    Portrayed By
  • Ōkawa Tōru
  • Kyle Hebert
  • Masashi Taniguchi
  • Image Song Ai no Inazuma Senkou

    Tomitake Jirō (富竹 ジロウ) is a character in the Higurashi no Naku Koro ni series, he is first introduced as an ordinary photographer that specializes in pictures of local birds.

    Character Summary

    "Tomitake Jirō" appears to be an alias for his cover as a photographer as suspected by Furude Rika in Minagoroshi-hen. Onikakushi-hen's Investigation Memo TIP affirms that "Tomitake Jirō" is only his pen-name. Under this cover, Tomitake visits Hinamizawa every year to photograph birds, he is well known by the villagers, and seems to know quite a bit about the village and its history, thanks to Takano's deep interest in the subject.

    Tomitake used to be an expert sniper in the JSDF until an accident that damaged his vision forced him to step down and become an instructor. He holds the rank of first lieutenant, one lower than Okonogi's rank of Captain. He is very skilled in combat. He demonstrates his skill in Matsuribayashi-hen when he shoots the driver's seat of a closely-tailing Yamainu van in order to scare off the driver.

    He was recruited by Tōkyō to work as an auditor for the Hinamizawa Syndrome research project.


    In most of the arcs, Tomitake is found dead after the Watanagashi Festival. This is the fifth Watanagashi Festival in a row where someone dies on the eve of or shortly thereafter. The cause of death appears to be him clawing out his own throat, although local officials view the cause of death with some suspicion.

    Affiliation With "Tōkyō"

    Tomitake was hired by "Tōkyō" to act as an auditor for the research project. Tomitake is also involved in counterintelligence affairs. He visits the village to evaluate the research on the Hinamizawa Syndrome under his alias as a photographer.

    His death in the other arcs was caused by Takano, who injects him with a drug to induce Level 5, causing him to claw his own throat. In the initial final arc, Tomitake is able to avoid his death, thanks to Rika's warning. In the anime-only arcs of the third season, it is revealed that Takano has a change of heart, and Jirō calls in the Banken to halt the plans, while protecting Takano as a witness.

    Physical Appearance

    Tomitake's appearance in Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai

    Tomitake is a muscular man with short, light brown hair and eyes. He always seen wearing glasses. While his age is unknown, he is most likely in his mid-to-late thirties.

    Whenever he visits Hinamizawa, Tomitake wears a dark green baseball cap, black sleeveless shirt, dark brown belt with three green belt bags, green military trousers, and black boots. He also wears a dog tag neck cord around his neck and a watch on his left hand.

    His "Tōkyō" uniform is a green military style suit over a white shirt and a dark blue tie.


    Takano Miyo

    It appears assumed in the village that the two are lovers. Miyo makes their relationship clear when she teases him over whether or not he listens to her when she "talks in bed." Whether they actually love one another depends on the arc. Minagoroshi-hen reveals that Takano tries but fails to convince him to support her execution of Emergency Manual 34 before she arranges for his death. The anime and manga versions depart slightly on the degree to which Takano may love him. In the anime, after inwardly wondering at how she can so easily order his death, she toys with him with her shoe then leaves him with a disappointed look predicting they will not see each other again, whereas in the manga she begs him and promises him her entire body if he will support her plan.

    For his part, Tomitake appears to care for her, but he will not compromise his principles. In the final answer arc of Matsuribayashi-hen, despite learning of Takano's plans to dispose of him if he does not support her, he still tries to help her after she is arrested. There are implications that he stands by her afterwards, particularly in the manga version. This is expanded in the anime-only Nekodamashi-hen of the third season where he vows to bring the repentant Takano "home" after the investigation of her is done. The resolution of the Fourth Season reveals that the two remain together and return to Hinamizawa.

    As far as the village and main characters know, the two are together with Tomitake often playing the roll of the shy to bumbling boyfriend. Both provide some comic relief as they make suggestions about Keiichi and Mion or Shion to their respective embarrassment and irritation. Their relationship will also serve as a source of comedy in the lighter extra arcs.

    Akasaka Mamoru

    When finally convinced in Matsuribayashi-hen of Takano's plans to have Rika murdered, the village destroyed in the Great Hinamizawa Disaster, he works closely with Akasaka, Irie and Ooishi as a key part of the plan to thwart Takano.


    • Occasionally Irie will refer to Tomitake as "Risa." It came about due to Tomitake's accent pronouncing "Lieutenant Colonel" (Nisa). Irie became embarrassed since with Tomitake's accent it sounded as though he was calling him "Lisa." Irie told him one day about it, and since then it has become a nickname.
    • Since Tomitake's rank is "First Lieutenant" (二尉), he ranks below both "Lieutenant Colonel" Irie (二佐) and "Major" Takano (三佐).
    • In Watanagashi-hen, Tomitake is shown to smoke.
    • Takano mentions in Matsuribayashi-hen that Tomitake has a bit of a belly. Contradictory, he is also mentioned to have quite a bit of muscle. The manga sometimes pokes fun of this.
    • Tomitake is not particularly good with women. Takano comments on this to herself in Matsuribayashi-hen that he told her that "the last time he had held a woman's hand was at a folk dancing camp." He has also been described as somewhat cold when it comes to comfort.
    • Many former snipers are also suited to photography, as they already have experience in keeping their hands very steady and waiting for extended periods without fidgeting. It is possible that this is why Tomitake acts as a photographer; he does show proficiency with guns in later arcs and implies that this is connected to his cover story.
    • In Ōgon Musō Kyoku, a fighting game spinoff for the Umineko series, Tomitake makes a cameo in The School Festival stage. He can be seen on the right side of the crowd kneeling and taking pictures of the band.