Towada Yae
十和田 八重
Yae kizuna
Age Middle 20's
Weapon(s) Rope
First Appearance Yoigoshi-hen
Portrayed By Shintani Ryōko

Towada Yae is a new character in Yoigoshi-hen who comes to Hinamizawa with her boyfriend, Kurosawa Takumi. When Otobe Akira and "Sonozaki Mion" first find them they are holed up in the old meeting hall near the Furude Shrine, trying to wait out the weather. When the others go to explore the saiguden behind the temple, Yae and the now awake Takumi attempt to leave, only to find their car missing. She spots someone behind Takumi, and when the others find her she says that he's disappeared.

Past Edit

Yae and Takumi grew close and fell in love while in college, but after she graduated she got a steady job. He didn't, still hoping to pursue his dreams. He got by on short-term, part-time jobs, but, in the end, Yae ended up paying most of his expenses. They started arguing regularly. Yae tried to confront him about their issues once while he was drinking and he lashed out at her. After beating her he would cry and apologize, but it became a pattern that eventually hospitalized her. Even though Yae always forgave him, inside she wanted to be set free from Takumi. She talked him into coming to Hinamizawa, where he got drunk and she strangled him to death. The others had never seen Takumi awake because he'd been dead before they got there, and when they'd left Yae had ended up hiding the body in the closet with the blankets. When first confronted, she tells the others that she doesn't regret it, because she was fighting for her peaceful life with all her strength.

Eventually, Takumi's spirit reveals that he found a normal job and gave up on his dreams to make Yae happy. This makes Yae realizes her huge mistake and asks the others to leave her alone for a while. "Mion" leaves behind a gun, for her protection or other reasons, and leaves her behind. Although devastated by the truth and her mistake, she resolves to keep living and turns herself in as a form of penance.