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Original Air Date(s) July 15, 2021 - July 29
Number of Episodes 3
Number of Chapters TBA
Previous Arc Oniakashi-hen
Following Arc Tatariakashi-hen

Wataakashi-hen (綿し編, Cotton-Revealing Chapter) is the second arc of Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Sotsu, which serves as an answer arc to Watadamashi-hen. The arc is told from Hōjō Satoko's and, for the first time in the series' history, Sonozaki Mion's point of view.


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Anime Episodes

Disappearances and Deaths

All deaths and disappearances are listed only as they are told in Wataakashi-hen. Spoilers only for the individual arc, not the overall series.


  • Sonozaki Shion, strangled to death on June 19, after the Watanagashi Festival by a maddened Mion who got injected by Satoko with H-173. Her body was dumped into the underground torture chamber's well the next day.
  • Sonozaki Oryō, tased by Mion on June 19 and died form heart attack. Her body was later thrown into the same well.
  • Kimiyoshi Kiichirō, tortured to death on the night of June 19 in Sonozaki Underground Tool House by Mion. His fingernails and eyes got ripped out, then his fingers, toes, ears got sawed off. He most likely died when Mion hammered nails into his head. His body was also dumped into the well.
  • Furude Rika, strangled to death on the 20th of June by Mion behind the Hinamizawa School's building. Her body was later dumped into the school's outhouse toilet
  • Sonozaki Mion, shot in the stomach, then the head on June 20 by Satoko with a Tokarev at the Sonozaki main house.
  • Hōjō Satoko, after murdering Mion, she shot herself in the head with the same pistol.

Question Arc

See Watadamashi-hen

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