Yoigoshi-hen 2

Orignal Release Date August 27, 2007
Artist Mimori
Number of Chapters 14
  • Nintendo DS
  • PS Vita
  • PlayStation 3
  • Yoigoshi-hen (宵越し編, Beyond Midnight Chapter) is an arc that serves as an epilogue to an alternate version of Tsumihoroboshi-hen, where the school and the hostages inside were destroyed in an explosion shortly before the Great Hinamizawa Disaster occurred.

    With the ban lifted a handful of different people make their way to Hinamizawa, each for their own reason. The protagonist of the story is Otobe Akira, who finds himself lost in the surrounding forest before he meets a woman who calls herself "Sonozaki Mion". The woman is on quest of her own, but for safety's sake he accompanies her further into a village that has one foot in the "land of the dead". On their way they meet Towada Yae, her boyfriend Kurosawa Takumi, and Arakawa Ryūnosuke.

    They aren't alone in the village. There are forces set to oppose "Mion" in her quest, and the group has to overcome them and their personal demons to get through the night.


    Chapter 0Edit

    Chapter 1: June 21 9:00 PMEdit

    Chapter 2: June 21 10:00 PMEdit

    Chapter 3: June 21 11:00 PM Meeting PlaceEdit

    Chapter 4: June 22 12:00 AM Meeting PlaceEdit

    Chapter 5: June 22 12:30 AM Furude ShrineEdit

    Chapter 6: June 22 1:00 AM Furude ShrineEdit

    Chapter 7: June 22 2:00 AM Meeting PlaceEdit

    Chapter 8: June 22 3:00 AM Meeting PlaceEdit

    Chapter 9: June 22 4:00 AM Meeting PlaceEdit

    Chapter 10: June 22 DaybreakEdit

    Chapter 11: June 22 5:00 AM To the Sonozaki Head HouseEdit

    Chapter 12: June 22 Daybreak Sonozaki Head HouseEdit

    Chapter 13: June 22 6:00 AM ConclusionEdit

    Disappearances and DeathsEdit

    All deaths and disappearances are listed only as they are told in Yoigoshi-hen. Spoilers are only for the individual arc, not the overall series.