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Original Air Date(s) January 25, 2012
Number of Episodes 1
Previous Arc Musubienishi-hen
Following Arc None

Yumeutsushi-hen (夢現し編, Dream Appearing Chapter) is an original anime only arc in the Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kira OVA. Furude Hanyū and young Furude Rika are the protagonists of this arc.

The story starts with younger Rika playing hide and seek with Hanyū (probably back in 1978). Rika finds an old shrine and hides in there. The scene changes to 1983 and shows Hanyū taking a walk in Hinamizawa after Rika and Satoko have gone out to play with the Club. Hanyū finds a little girl crying, but when she asks her what's wrong she realizes it is the younger version of Rika. The arc focuses on the Club as they are trying to find a way to send young Rika back to her own time.

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